Culture’s value system is fucked.

It is built on a legacy system of money and finance that only serves MEGACORP.

Artists are bound to the corporations that have a monopoly on creative ownership—record labels, galleries, fashion houses, movie studios. The list goes on.

MEGACORP perpetually robs artists and the communities who are creating the work, and they are left with fragments of the value they’re creating.

An artist should not have to go MEGACORP to get the capital required to create. Why can’t they go straight to the community that actually wants their work? Why not reward that very community that supports the artist in the first place?

The current paradigm is too far gone.

The path forward is clear—create a new system that is owned by artists and their communities.

Any artist with a vision should have a way to work directly with their community and reward them for their support—no corporations needed.

Artists and community should be able to work together as one to create value and capture that value for themselves.

We believe creating this system is ambitious and will take many years, but is it is now possible today.

We’re building it in the form of Zora.

Zora is a set of tools built on cryptocurrencies that helps creators capture the value of their work, share it with their communities, and ultimately provide a new way for artists and communities to create together.

We call this Collective Creation.

Zora will be creator and community owned. It has to be. Otherwise it has failed.

Zora’s purpose is to enable collective creation at the scale of humanity.

Onwards we go.

Ours truly,



Zora is all.Independence, community, fairness, in all creation.Zora: a perpetual exchange of ideas, perspectives, and values.